When the end of the Bafflement comes, will we be ready?  

Ready?  There's no such thing.  

Well here it comes anyway.  


All Greek To Me

When we learn the alphabet, we're presented with a big picture of a letter, in its uppercase and lowercase form, and shown that letter in use in a familiar word.

Nobody ever did the equivalent for me for rho, sigma, lambda, etc. They just showed up on a blackboard in a sophomore physics class, without introduction.

Is that a common experience?

If so, then physics educators are lacking basic techniques known to kindergarten teachers everywhere.

That's pathetic.

It's like hiding physics knowledge behind a secret door so only the most determined students actually reach it.


To-do is the wrong term

When I think about task management habits and techniques (which I do a lot) one point I keep in mind is that "accomplish" isn't the only way to get an obligation off your list.  "Obviate" works just as well.


Cultural Reference

I talk about the Pattern, and it occurs to me that it might be confused with Zelazny's Pattern.  What I mean by the word might better be compared with the dance between the Pattern and the Logrus in Zelazny's world.  I live immersed in that dance.



Half the things that my brain throws up for my consciousness to see are escapes.  Things to distract me from whatever it is I'm doing.  If some conspiracy, good or evil, had planted a program in my brain to keep me from accomplishing my destiny, whatever it is, I'll bet this is how it would feel.



Whatever happened to Connectionism? It was right, as far as it went.


Lasagna of
Buzzing slipslide
Can't get traction
Can't fix location
In the
Phase space
Head space
Problem space
What heading what bearing

Simulated annealing
Fitness function

How do you know which moves take you closer to your destination if you don't know the location of your destination?


Taste your way there.